Swing Into Spring With This Spring Gardening Checklist

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December 15, 2017
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January 5, 2018

It’s never too early to start thinking about spring gardening and getting your landscaping ready for spring.

Think about this… kids are playing outside, dogs are walking in the park, people are cruising on the beach, and you can’t wait to take you shoes off and run your toes through your manicured lawn or cozy backyard.

Ready for that spring time cook out, lawn games or just enjoying being outside with friends, family or nature?

We have put together a checklist for you so you don’t miss out on on getting the most out of your spring months.

Use this checklist to ensure your garden and landscaping is good to go for Springtime:

  1. Don’t Over-water – Over-watering is actually worse in comparison to under watering. It is actually simpler to restore a completely dry vegetation compared to aim to dry out plants, shrubs, or flowers you have drowned or over-watered.
  2. Water Your Yard In The Morning – This saves moisture reduction as well as assists with steering clear of and avoiding mildew also various other fungus health conditions that are actually usually spread through higher humidity climates that we have in the Lowcountry.
  3. Choose Plants That Do Well In Your Area – Vegetations will definitely perform ideal if they are actually congruent with your region. Spend some time to study, read up and ask your nursery specialists at Taylor’s for the bes recommendations for plants, flowers, shrubs, and grasses that do well in this area.
  4. Add Compost – An easy 5 percent boost in all natural product (garden compost) quadruples the dirt’s capacity to store or hold water.
  5. Healthy Soil – Well-balanced dirt suggests a prospering populace from microorganisms, earthworms and also various other living things. A ground that possesses “great tilth” is going to create durable backyard vegetations that are actually a lot better capable to withstand bugs and diseases alike.
  6. Do Some Veggies Become Better After The First Frost? – Yes. Some veggies really progress after a 1st freeze, consisting of brussel sprouts, cabbage, broccoli, carrots, parsnips as well as kale.
  7. Want to Get Rid Of Pests And Insects? Here is how it is done… insects and pests cannot stand vegetations like garlic, chives, red onions and also chrysanthemums. Expand these vegetations around the landscape to assist with repulsing these agitating pests.
  8. Companion Planting Is A Good Practice – This is actually a great technique to strengthen your backyard. Some plants restore nutrients dropped by other one. In addition, some blends efficiently keep insects out when grouped and planted together.
  9. Want Your Greens To Do Better? For quick and easy greens, begin all of them inside your home. The germination process is actually a lot better, as well as the seed are going to be actually healthier and also much better capable to combat off parasites as well as ailment.
  10. Earthworms Are Your Friends! An additional reason to utilize all-natural as well as organic plant foods as well as dirts: earthworms adore them both! Earthworms are actually very advantageous in veggie and flower gardens. Improving air space and leaving worm castings in the dirt are 2 advantages of having worms in your garden. Do everything you possibly can to encourage earthworms to feel want to live in your garden and plant soils.

This swing into spring gardening checklist will surely put you on the road to a having a successful garden this spring. Be sure to get started early and don’t procrastinate. After all, your yard may just be the talk of the neighborhood.

The fine people at Taylor’s Quality Landscape Supply and Taylor’s Garden Market are here to help you create the ideal garden this spring and every spring.

Gerrick Taylor
Gerrick Taylor
Owner of Taylors QLS

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