Getting Your Garden Ready For Winter (Part 2)

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December 2, 2017
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Useful tips for Winter Gardening – Part 2 of 2

Be sure to read the very informative “Getting Your Garden Ready For Winter Part 1

Another Fantastic Way To Make Your Garden Beautiful During the Winter Is With Winter Flowering Annuals

It must be noted that annuals die within a year. Annuals can add colors to an otherwise dreary winter landscape. Here are a few annuals that grow well in the Lowcountry

Sweet Peas

If you have trellises or obelisks that sweet peas can attach to they can climb and grow up to six feet in height. Before you plant sweet peas it is important to put them in a bucket of water for forty-eight hours. Plant them in in sunlight after they have been soaked.


These bright yellow, creamy or orange blooms can brighten up your winter garden. Best if grown in full sun.

Sweet Alyssum

These amazing smelling twelve inch mounds come in white, lavender or pink and are a favorite cool weather annual. Sweet Alyssum are perfect for edging paths and beds and can also be put in little, dark places. These winter annuals can be grown in full sun or part shade in soil that has proper draining. It is best to keep these well watered. Expect them to go dormant when it gets warm.

Don’t Forget About Decorating Your Winter Garden And Yard To Add Color

You can definitely add lights, figurines, ornaments, blinking lights, and displays to lively up your yard or gardn in the winter months. But, what about creating wreaths, or adding garlands, berries or evergreen boughs, arrangements around door ways, winter containers or window boxes? The sky is the limit when it comes to decorating for the holidays. Stop in to Taylor’s to see what you can use to brighten up you yard and garden in the winter time.

Why Not Bring The Garden Inside During The Winter?

Miss playing in the dirt? Grow bulbs inside! Amaryllis and paperwhite narcissus are bulbs you can plant indoors and bring some cheer into your home. If it’s too late to purchase bulbs, you can bring in witch hazel, crabapple, and forsythia by cutting budded branches and bringing them indoors.

You can also purchase poinsettia or other beautiful flowers and plants and bring them into your house. The poinsettia is widely well known for its green and read foliage and is used all over the world in Christmas floral displays.

Winter Is A Great Time To Evaluate Your Garden For The New Year

What are your goals for the next year? What worked out well for your the previous year? What do you want to try differently in the new year? Do you have big goals? Or do you have small goals for your business? Pinterest is a great place to get ideas. For ideas, check out what others are doing with their gardens, then bring the photos on your mobile device in to Taylor’s so we can help turn your new ideas into reality.

Ideas For Big Projects

Maybe you have your garden like you want it or you are just ready to start enjoying it more. Maybe you’ve been looking at Pinterest or Houzz for long enough and you are ready to do something about it? How about a gazebo, fire pit, water feature, patio, or pathway? At Taylor’s we can help with the big ideas too. Just ask.

Pruning Your Plants In The Winter Time Is A Great Idea

Before the plants break dormancy start pruning trees and shrubs. However, don’t prune early bloomers until the blooms flower. If you prune too early you’ll definitely lose the blooms for the season. Each variety has it’s own techniques for pruning so make sure to do your research before you just go hacking away. Ask the friendly staff at Taylor’s if you have any questions about pruning.

Thanks for reading our 2 part series on getting your garden ready for winter. Please read part 1 here.

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