Getting Your Garden Ready For Winter (Part 1)

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You Don’t Have To Have A Colorless Or Lifeless Garden If You Follow These Tips (Part 1 of 2)

Tips For Winterizing Your Garden

For protecting your plants from frigid winter temperatures, it is important to water the garden in a thorough manner before the initial frost. After the ground has it’s initial freeze, make sure to add mulch around tender plants and vegetation. Freshly planted plants, shrubs, or flowers in general may be covered along with a coating from cloth packed along with shielding product like straw or even dried out fallen leaves. Burlap is a great solution for keeping your favorite garden warm.

Don’t Forget About Your Feathered Friends In Winter Months

Do you like seeing and hearing birds fly around in your garden in the warmer months? Well… don’t forget about them in the cooler months. These little guys depend on you this time of year too. So, make sure they have water and food sources a plenty. If not, they may go elsewhere. And besides, they are a big help with pest control and help with the ecosystem of your garden. Another thing you can to keep the birds around is to provide nesting houses and bird houses around your garden. This can also help to increase your bird population. Make sure you have the right size holes and dimensions for the birds you want to attract.

Browse Your Local Taylor’s Quality Landscape Supply For Winter and Spring Gardening

Really! This is a great time to get to know the staff and get some quality ideas for winter gardening and spring gardening too.  Our General Manager, our nursery manager or nursery specialist can answer questions, show you around, and or make suggestions that can help you out tremendously with your gardening.

Grow Food In The Winter

Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean you can’t reap the rewards of growing and eating fresh crops from the garden. For example, kale, mustard greens, argula and lettuce can be grown in the cold months. Numerous origin plants and also brassicas will certainly overwinter for a spring season harvest. For ideal outcomes, get in touch with your closest Taylor’s Quality Landscape Supply and one of our friendly, highly trained representatives will assist you in letting you know what is ideal for growing in the lowcountry.

The South And Winter Flowers

Living in the Lowcountry has many advantages. Some of the amazing advantages of living in this area include: coastal living, breath taking beaches, splendid marsh views, sunsets to die for, Spanish Moss on trees (yes this means the air is clean), mostly year round sunshine, warm climate, and gardening in the winter. You can choose from a wide variety of perennials and annuals that prefer cooler temperatures and bring out amazing colors to plant in your garden in the cooler months.

Check Out These Winter Perennials That Provide Fabulous Color In a Winter Garden

Winter Honey Suckle

Not only will you enjoy one of winter’s best scents, but these creamy white clusters come to life in late winter and early spring. Winter honey suckle can grow ten feet tall and wide in some areas.

Winter Jasmine

Enjoy the early bursts of color with these speedy growing evergreen shrubs. Expect creamy, yellow flowers. Winter Jasmine can reach ten feet high and wide.


The blooms have the spice aroma of ginger, cinnamon or nutmeg. These are named not necessarily for their colors but because they have serrated edges that look like they were cut of using pinking shears. Our friendly staff can help you with Pinks we have in stock and help you choose the perfect Pinks for your garden.

Violets and Pansies

These are the go-to flowers for cool weather blooms. Their petals are often pastel or bold in color. Pansies and violets are short lived because they can’t take the heat.

This is the end of Part 1.  Please continue by reading Part 2 of Getting Your Garden Ready For Winter here.

Gerrick Taylor
Gerrick Taylor
Owner of Taylors QLS

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