Fire Pits

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Classic Fire Pits

Fire pits are great for all occasions

Fire pits have multiple uses. For instance a few of these uses include that they can be used for gatherings, roasting marshmallows, or simply keeping you warm on a cool night.

What is the most common feature of a fire pit? They are made and designed to contain fire and keep it from leaving the pit, or spreading.

Fire pits create ambiance

Do you know what the number 1 design feature requested today, according to the American Society of Landscape Architects is? Outdoor fire pits or fireplaces are the #1 item being requested by customers.

Why do you think this is true?

Fire pits create ambiance, are relaxing, often mesmerizing, and the smell of burning wood adds to the outdoorsy feeling most people love to be around.

What are some of the best types of wood for making fires in fire pits?

Cedar, pinion, oak, mesquite, apple and cherry trees, and pecan are some of the best smelling fire wood. Oh, and did a mention that lovely crackling sound that you just can’t get away enough of? Don’t worry, you’ll hear that too.

What is the one type of wood to avoid burning in your outdoor fire pit?

You should always avoid burning pressure treated wood because it contains harmful toxins that should not be inhaled.

Do you need a professional to handle the installation?

Most of the time a homeowner can install a fire pit with no problems whatsoever on their own.

What are some of the requirements for a successful fire pit installation?

A level area is a must so the fire doesn’t tip over and spill.

One of the options for your fire pit is to position it over dirt.

Dirt without pine straw, grass, hay, or other debris that can be flammable is very important for what should NOT be under your fire pit.

Another option for your fire pit is the patio. A patio made of non-flammable concrete would make a great place for a fire pit.

Fire pits should never be positioned on decks

Another great feature fire pits have is a drain so it can be cleaned easily and the drain allows for a way for water to drain easily.

Sometimes in summer months people use the fire pits as flower pots.

Fire pits look great with or without a fire going

From an aesthetic point of view, fire pits have that “wow” factor, whether there is a fire blazing or not. They are ofton center pieces to any backyard or outdoor living space.

Will fire pits increase your home values?

That is a great question, for sure. Your best options there are to ask a professional home appraiser or real estate professional in your desired area. However, one of the hottest trends in the low country right now is to utilize outdoor living space. And, once again, according to the American Society of Landscape Architects, the number one requested feature from customers and clients is the outdoor fire pit or fireplace. Yes, they put them both in the same category. If you are thinking about adding to or creating an outdoor living space, the outdoor fire pit should definitely be considered.

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