Concrete Products

Parking Bumper Blocks

We carry two styles of six-foot parking bumper blocks:  Pictured on the left, the slant-front Florida-style parking  bumper; pictured on the right, the double-sided LOW PROFILE parking bumper, now preferred by many because of today’s lower vehicles. We also carry the pin-down rods.


We manufacture concrete rail fence in one-rail, two-rail, and three-rail varieties. Both the posts and the rails are steel reinforced. Our rail fence provides a gracious look to your property, and lasts a lifetime!


We manufacture two sizes of tapered splash blocks:  a 24″ Long  (picture on left) and two styles of 30″ Long (on right).


We carry three styles of concrete picnic table sets: a 42″ Round Table Set, which can have either two or three curved benches,a 24″x 42″ Rectangular Table Set with two benches, and a 30″x57″ Rectangular Table Set with two benches.(pictured below)



******other items available by specia request, ie concrete #4, granite #4 size 11/2 inch, Rip Rap

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