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July 22, 2017
Beaufort County Garden Center
September 1, 2017

Taylor’s Garden Market is a dream we have always had and it finally coming into fruition. Taylor’s Garden center will be a fully stocked garden center with a wide selection of Lowcountry native flowers, plants, and trees for gardens of every size. Whether you are looking for something to put in a container for your kitchen countertop or you are desiring to redesign your entire backyard, we have you covered. We have seasonal and holiday items for every occasion.

The standards and mission behind Taylor’s Garden Market aim to support the local community of Beaufort County.

What You Can Expect To Find Here at Taylor’s Garden Market – The Beaufort County Garden Market

The Garden Center
Handmade items, outdoor furniture, fire pits, and planters
Bird, bat and butterfly houses
A large variety of herbs
Shade tolerant plants
Palm trees
Wildflowers and grasses
Native trees and shrubs
Fruit trees, shrubs and canes
Organic soil, fertilizers and mulches
Rose plants
Non-native plants
Air-purifying house plants

In addition to the Garden Market, Taylor’s anticipates holding community events, having food trucks, having Easter egg hunts, farmers market, holding educational seminars, teaching seminars, wine nights, events for children and more.

We envision Taylor’s Garden Market as a gathering place for locals and visitors alike. We have beenentrenched in the community with Taylor’s Quality Landscape and Taylor’s Mulching for quite some time and look forward to being able to serve the community in new and exciting ways.

Taylor’s Garden Market strives to be the best local garden market in Beaufort County. In addition, we are aiming high and strive to be the best garden market in the Lowcountry, if not the state and region. We want this Beaufort County garden market to be a place where locals stop by on their way home from work, on their days off, and when they need something to spruce up their gardens or home property.

And, with Beaufort County being one of the hottest destinations to travel to according to many tv shows, online lists, and publications, we envision Taylor’s Garden Market as a can’t miss stopping point when travelers are coming in to the areas and leaving. We want the visitors and vacationers to take a piece of the Lowcountry home with them and they can get it all here.

We want your help!

If you have any suggestions or items you would love to see at our Beaufort County Garden Market, please let us know. We want Taylor’s Garden Market to be your garden market so we will be taking requests. The most requested items will be take into consideration in our future road map.

Thanks for supporting Taylor’s Quality Landscape Supply, Taylor’s Mulching, and and now Taylor’s
Garden Market.

We appreciate you!

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Gerrick Taylor
Gerrick Taylor
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